Sunday, 1 January 2012

Little froggie visitor.

Just one thing you have to know about me. I love frogs. I think their awesome. I love hearing them going crazy, down at the wetlands, during mating season, and  driving really, really slowly and carefully in the twilight of evening, during a summer shower, dodging them as they jump all over the road. 

I remember once, driving home with a friend who thinks their slimy little critters, pulling the car over to pick up a particularly large one, because I wanted to show my boy. Started driving home again, and, of course, the feisty little thing jumped out of my hand, into my friends lap, who screamed blue murder.... I still laugh out loud when I think about it.

Anyway. This little guy was on our steps, enjoying the rain. Isn't he just the most gorgeous thing? I couldn't believe how amazing his eyes were!  And he was the most perfect poser, sitting very very still, eyeing that big lens off, which I stuck in his personal space. 

Thanks, Mr Froggie. Hope you found the girl/boy of your dreams! 
Have a hoppy life! 

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