Sunday, 19 February 2012

Minnie May.

It was a cold day when I caught up with this beautiful, special family last year in spring. 
Minnie May came into her parents lives, to fill it with wonder, beauty and joy. It was a hard and long journey, and when their precious daughter was finally placed in their arms, all those puzzle pieces fell into place. No matter where they went, they were all now home, with each other. 
And she really is a precious child, eyes wide open, taking the world in and charming us all while she runs by.

Her mummy told me a lady bug in China has a very special meaning, luck. 
How appropriate that she got to dress up in a ladybug costume!

"Born not from our flesh, 

but born in our hearts, 

you were longed for and wanted 

and loved from the start"

Author: unknown

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  1. These are fantastic! Love your work you have captured her perfectly!