Saturday, 23 June 2012

Warming ATP Actions

I love a bit of inviting warmth in a photo. It's just what I love looking for in an image. It brings me in, makes me "warm" to it.

These are my Warming Actions. They are more of a basic edit, with added filters and gradients to bring out the colour and tone in the image. Once again, I have given you four samples of how the PS action works on different images for each Action. Every photograph is going to be different, and the action WILL give each image a slightly different look, even while using the same colour and layer combinations. It will still have a similar effect and style to the ones I have given you to look at.

If you have been directed here to choose a style you would like your images to be edited in, just quote the name, and I will do the rest!





 ( basically just a lighten and touch up. )

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