Thursday, 5 July 2012

Miss Alika!

This is Alika! I have watched her grow up, from a little, sweet and adorable fairy girl, with those awesome curls and beautiful cheeks ( that were always so darn pinchable ) into this grown up, gorgeous woman! Oh my goodness, she is divine! 

And even though she has become a lady, there are still those small, little qualities I remember seeing in her as a child, that are still there. In her ready smile, and her cheeky personality, her love of small things, a nurturing and gentleness, a soul that still considers how others feel when they hurt, full of empathy and a willingness to openly love and trust. 

This photo shoot was all about making her feel good about who she is. That in this world of strangers, and empty souls, here is someone that shines like a beacon in the night, someone absolutely beautiful, inside and out.

A little ( ok.. BIG ) play with textures and my PS action postcard!


I absolutely LOVE this!

And just a couple of the girls! More to come of Ebony!

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