Friday, 13 July 2012

The Soft Haze Photoshop Actions

Hi there!!

This is an old post, which I have found that google sends people to every now and then to look at!  I created these a year ago, and, my goodness, how things have changed! Most certainly, my understanding of photoshop Actions has!  If you are one of the many who love a freebie, (which I know I do!), pop over to my facebook page, and all you need to do is like it, and I can send you a free actions set. If you are interested in seeing what it looks like, click on FREEBIES! OR find me here..


The OLD post!

This is a new set of  Photoshop Actions. It has been created because I have noticed a few of the fine art photographers/editors using haze to create a sense of surreal beauty.

So, here you are!

Antique Haze                                                                                                Pale Haze
 Vintage Haze                                                                                             Old Tale
Dandilion                                                                                                           Strawberry
 Green Haze                                                                                                        B/W Haze
  Blue Haze                                                                                                           Chocolate

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