Friday, 28 September 2012

A dear friend!

I have had the honour and delight of calling this beautiful woman one of my dearest and closest friends. Her son is my son's best friend, and we have one of those friendships that is so very, very easy. We don't ring each other all the time, in fact, to be honest, we sorely neglect each other! But no matter how much time passes, and things change, one thing stays the same. Our friendship. 

I got my new camera the other day! And guess who got to be my guinea pig! LOL!
So, here she is, trying not to laugh, which is oh so very tricky for her, and posing beautifully for me!

At the train station.

 In the flowers!

I love this one!

The only reason God didnt make us sisters 

is because one mother couldn't handle us both.

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