Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Little Mr Murphy!

Awww! Look at this little guy! He is such a sweet little chap! Both my husband and I agreed, he reminds us both of our boy, when he was a baby too. Such a perfect angel with such a pretty face!

At 8 weeks old, I knew the possibility of getting those classic infant poses was not really going to happen, but do you know what? He was sooo good! I even got some smiles, and he was able to hold his head up, for just a second, letting me take some really sweet shots of him. And like my son, he didn't really like to be out of his mummy's arms when he fell asleep! ( Don't I remember that so well! Trying to hang up the washing while holding my infant son for the entire first six months! ) So we got him being held by his mum instead!

Thank you to his mummy, for letting me create some little "snippets" of his babyhood. It all goes by so fast, I wish, so very much, that I had memories like these ones, of my own.

Babies are bits of star dust, blown from the hand of God.

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