Saturday, 1 September 2012

Oh Baby!!

My cousin and his beautiful partner have had a baby! A little bit early, and so soft, scrumptious and sweet, I could cuddle this little girl all day long! AND she was SOOO good! And quiet! She slept on and on while I poked and prodded, and tried out a few different things. If only all newborn shoots were this easy, I might want to do more of them!

There is a bit of a longing, deep inside of me, that says, oh, I think I might still have a few cluckies in  me yet! If only I was a bit younger! So, I have to make do with a cuddle and a snug with this little girl. Oh Madison, you are absolutely divine!

Already giving us a smile, at only 8 days old!

Little toes!

A daughter is a jewel, to treasure forever in your heart.

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