Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Sweet Little Dylan

I am so lucky. I get to hold sweet little babies now and then, and the parents don't mind when I sneek in a little schmooch on their soft downy heads, and a little snuggle too, even though I am practically a stranger!
And this little boy, nearly three weeks old, was no exception. I was a bit worried that he might be like all the other babies I have tried to photograph lately, and stay wide awake for me! But luck was on my side! I had THE BABY WHISPERER! Seriously! Dylans nana is the most amazing woman! She got him to sleep twice, which allowed me to get some beautiful photographs of him!

So, enough gabbling on! Here are the images, enjoy!

 Here he is, wide awake... Where is that amazing Nana of his...

... Thanks to some quiet time with Nana, he is off to sleep again!

Whoops... Not for long!  Oh well, every little baby needs to have a cry!

 Proud Mummy and Daddy!

With the love that surrounds this little boy, and the beautiful parents he has to guide his little footsteps, he wont be needing much else!

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