Friday, 5 April 2013

About Lila!

I had to do a separate post on Tom's sister, Lila! Because she really is utterly divine, and, at only two, the sweetest little girl! Seriously, she is going to make her daddy's heart stutter more often than not, when she grows up!

Does a daughter ever, ever, stop being her daddy's girl?

I have a licence to play with colours, so, as per usual, I have!

I love using scarves, around faces! It makes you look straight at the person, rather than the surrounds...
Luckily, Lila's mummy had one she was wearing, so we just used that, it only lasted for a minute, till it came off, and she was running again! I got the shots though, and I love them!

My Favourite!

Beautiful child, with all the innocence, enthusiasm and wonder of youth!

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