Friday, 14 June 2013

Rainy Day

It has been raining. A lot. I love it. 
The sound on our big tin roof, the smell of the wet earth, full rivers and creek beds overflowing. 
It's a bit tricky when it comes to a photo shoot, though!

I wanted to catch up with this beautiful girl, and try a few different things out with her. But, as luck would have it, it was raining. In fact, since last week, it has continued to drizzle daily! So, I think we lasted 15 minutes, before I said, lets give up and go home. 
I was looking through the view finder with a big bread bag over the entire camera, and was sure that the entire day was a disaster, and nothing had worked.
Then I got into a dry place, and had a peek. I was so excited. I love these shots! And I adore the depth and moody colors too! 


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