Friday, 20 February 2015

Digital Manipulation - Take Off.

I'm always up for a photoshop play. Especially when it challenges me to try different things. 
To better my skills and learn a new technique. 

I had Isabeau stand on a log and jump in the air. I removed the log, added a few sky textures from my cloud overlays, and adjusted the colour. I added gradients and added a few more textures! 

I am not too sure if it has ended up looking exactly how I wanted it to. I think the background needs adjustment, but because I have no others in my stock, I simply worked with what I had!

Before, the unedited image on the left, and the finished one on the right.
Before the edit, straight out of camera.
And after!

You can grab all the textures and sky/cloud overlays at my place on DeviantArt

Take Off.

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