Saturday, 10 October 2015

Feather Crown Tutorial

Today I made a feather crown. I actually saw it on pinterest and thought I would love to make something similar. So on to Ebay I went, bought my materials, and thought I would share the process with you, so you can make one too if you want!

I got my items shipped from China. From one store, here. You will find similar items on ebay, and you may choose something a little different or even another colour. Something that suits your personal taste!

You will need
A hot glue Gun
Strong card stock
Diamente chain. 1mtr.
Feather Fringe. 1mtr.
Your scissors, too!

Below is an example of the Diamente chain I chose, and the feather fringe.

 Cardstock, in a similar colour to the feathers.

Cut the card stock into two lengths, around 1 and 1/2 inches wide. (this may change,
depending on the width of the chain you have chosen. )
Join them together at one end with the glue gun.

And make a circle to fit the clients head, and glue the other end. Snip off excess card!

Your feathers will naturally fall one way. I chose to have them facing outwards, but facing inwards may have given it a better look. I really won't know unless I make another one! 
Make sure you are happy with the way they sit before beginning to glue the feather fringe to the card!

Once the fringe is in place it will look like this! The card should be completely covered by the feathers.

Time to add the diamente's! 
Following the same procedure as the feather fringe, hot glue them around the bottom. 
NOTE! put the glue directly on the chain, NOT the fringe! The glue you get from the stores often goes yellow with age. Any that you may have peeping through, on or between the chain, will show as the crown ages. It won't look nice and it is easily avoided! 

All done! That didn't take long, did it! (except the 1 month wait for the base ingredients to arrive from China!!! )  Now, get outside and take some photographs of the crown! Share it on my Facebook page if you like! I would love to see it finished! x

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