Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Amid the foggy vines...

Last year, around the same time as now, I was on my way to visit a friend, early in the morning. Actually, it would have been earlier than now, as the vines were still green! Anyway, I did a deal with my son, to stand out there amid the foggy vines for five minutes while I got some shots, and I would get him the latest toy he really wanted. Bribery. It always works. Well... most of the time.

I love these memories of him. Innocent, sweet and beautiful.

Purity and innocence, the sweetness of youth,
that we adults seem to forget.
Those things that make us look at a child
in wonder and adoration.
Ahh, the wonderful memories
you have given me,
of love and joy,
of laughter and warmth.
Beautiful boy.
MY Beautiful boy.

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