Sunday, 12 August 2012

Early August Morning...

You know, every single morning I get up, and go into the family room of our house, and open the blinds, and look into the valley below for Fog. Yea. Fog. I'm a little bit obsessed by it. I see it, and I have this irresistable urge to  grab the camera and go on a fog chase...
And every time I open those curtains, it seams to me that the fog only ever appears when I have to work that morning, or get the children ready for school or go somewhere else that day.... Till yesterday. Ahhh. A foggy morning on a Sunday. So So Awesome! It was 7am, and I awoke before the children did, usually it is my little girl ready and rearing to go at 530am, but she had a sleep in. Something in me said get up.... GET UP!! And I was thinking, but the kids are still asleep, how often do I get that extra snooze time? 
But get up I did, and did the daily first thing in the morning fog check. 
Y.E.S! My day for fog photos!!!
So, here you go, some sunrise and fog photos, from the Adelaide Hills!

The view from Mount Barker Summit.

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