Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Spring is in the air...

Each year I get older. Edging closer and closer to the time I too get to rest in the sweet earth. And I would not take any of the days or hours back, not any of them, for this. To see the changing seasons,  to feel the edge of excitement shiver in my bones when the changes become more apparent, here the peek of a blossom, there the sound of a distant bee, buzzing in delight among the pollen. And it is not just spring that does this to me. It is every season, every change. Why is it that we all fear change in ourselves, and yet adore the changes the earth makes for us? 

The colours of spring, the scent of daffodils and jonquil. The delicate colours, and the sunlight, peeking past the grey clouds. Tempestuous days, one is warm and heady, the next is blustery and cold! Spring, beautiful, WONDERFUL spring is here! 

...and just a little more dramatic!

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