Thursday, 8 May 2014

Quince Jelly!

There are Quince trees, planted all over the place in Hahndorf. They are old trees, and you have to "scrounge" to find them! I wonder who planted them, so long ago. All the fruit is all falling off, and I feel a little sorry for them, as the trees put in so much effort to produce them!

So I went and gathered a whole lot of them, and made my own Quince Jelly!

It's actually a tricky process, making this stuff. You have to cook it first, mash it, drain it in muslin for half a day, then start cooking the fluid all over again!
It was strange, as it stayed that yellowish hue for ages, and I was thinking, oh dear, I must have done something wrong. Lo and behold, as i gathered the "scum" from the top, the ruby colour emerged! And boy oh boy, is this yummy stuff. Will be cracking open a bottle of wine, some yummy cheese and my quince jelly this weekend. That's my payment for my hard work!

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