Saturday, 5 May 2012

Langhorne Creek visit

Today I thought I would just pop out after work, and take my daughter for a drive and walk. I don't often go in the opposite direction from the city, and thought that it  could be fun to go somewhere different. 
Still a part of the wine region of the Adelaide hills, but in the lower, flatter part of the murray plains, Langhorne creek is full of silence, long dirt road, massive views and farmland. 

Sometimes, when your looking for something interesting to capture, you forget to look into the sky for inspiration, as often we photographers don't look towards the sun for our photos, as it can damage the lens...  (Not to mention our eyes! ) But the sun today was incredible. Hidden behind two layers of cloud, one thick, one thin, it was almost misty and golden. Incredible. It made an ordinary scene into something special.

This road has cactus growing along it, that are Huge! Like, I mean H.U.G.E!! Their amazing. I don't think I will be planting anything like these in my garden any time soon! Look at the flower spikes!

End of the day.

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  1. These photos are gorgeous Sharon. There is such a peaceful quality to them. xoxo