Friday, 20 February 2015

Dog, Cat and Bird!

I think I photograph my children so much that I sorely neglect the "other" members of my family!
So to cut a long winded apology short, I decided to give them their own studio photo shoot.
To say it was interesting is the understatement of the year. ( not that we are that far in yet...) Anyway, I did manage to get a few nice shots... Let me introduce you to them...

This is Holly, our dog. She like to lean on us, and loves to give us that pleading look which demands hugs, pats and kisses. Her bark is much, much worse than her bite,. That said, she is a little bit protective of her family, so we know that she is there for us in much the same way as we are for her.

This is our cat, Mr stinky. He is getting old and I adore his snuggles. It seams that as he gets older, the more he requires pats and love. I don't mind. I know that the day will come when he passes on from this life, and i think it will break my heart for quite a while. 
Oh, and why the name Mr Stinky?  When he was a little puss, he came to us in quite a sorry state. Of course, we fixed him all up, but at the time he had a serious problem with gas! 

This is Sonic, our Galah. He is a little bit nutty... ok... alot! He worries me the most of all our pets. I don't think he is very happy in a cage, and we are working towards getting a big aviary for him, in which he can have a bird mate, instead of a human one, and enjoy his life a little bit more. 

Fluffing his feathers.

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