Monday, 2 February 2015

The Studio Part 1

For quite a few months my husband and i have been hard at work, building our little studio, at the bottom half of our garden.  When we built our home, 12 years ago, we could only afford the bare minimum. So, instead of lots of small rooms, we chose to have big living rooms and forgo a fourth bedroom. I love our house, as it is a tudor and I always wanted a roof with high peaks!

But, as friends come to visit, I get more regular work as a photographer and our children grow, we found we need a little extra living space!  It still has a way to go, and I don't see us finishing within the next month or more. BUT I thought I would share our little ( BIG ) project; The wooden "china" house. ( since I imported it from there! ) 

Getting the base flooring in first.

the walls go up very very quickly. Almost like a lego kit!

Windows and doors in!

Starting to paint. Oh my goodness, the amount of paint I have gone through!!

Middle truss up!

Beams going in...

First part of the roof going on! I had to paint the underside first, because it would be quite hard to 
do after it was put up, without getting paint everywhere on the floor!

Getting there!

We have had to add treatment to the timber.
In Australia we get white ants, and they could devour the entire house within a month!

 Painting, painting... argh!!!

My girl, looking out! 

Glass panes are in!

And tiling the roof! This is actually relatively easy, just time consuming and messy!

All tidy inside, and painted!

 Installing our little kitchenette...

Because it is supposed to be a "simple" studio, we chose to use large tiles for the bench tops. This was so much cheaper and I think they look nice! A little kitchen will be useful, especially when 
I use the space for photography.

The little post and rail is up. You will just have to watch this space for the rest of our build!

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