Sunday, 20 November 2011

Hannah's Baby Bella.

Sweet, delicate, oh so very new. All those beautiful baby sounds, the smell and warmth of her little head, when you snuggle in to kiss her,  and the softness of her skin. 

What an honour it is to be able to take part in the beginning of a newborn child's life. To be able to record her, so early on, before she changes, so quickly.

And I most certainly felt, after the first try ( 5 hours later ) that maybe Im not really any good at this whole infant photography thingo after all! But Hannah, bless her, brought me a sleeping, full of milk, baby Bella the next day, to let me try my little pose experiments again! What a wonderful mother is she! With her little girl only 10 days old, and just getting used to the routine of sleepless nights and early feeds, taking the time out of her day to let me play at being photographer, with her new, tiny child. What can I say?  Thank you Hannah! 

And guess what, I got that Pic!  

And these were the ones I really wanted to capture. I had found this little leaf boat/ bowl in a cheap store, and thought how its shape lends itself to a curled up, sleepy baby. I am so glad I got to try again, as I love these images, and feel a sense of pride in them. 

 And this one is a combination of four images, stitched up together! I don't have a wide lens, and I felt that to get all the detail of Bella, and the prop, I needed to "stretch" out the image.

I love it!