Thursday, 8 May 2014

Jeweled Rose

It's raining today. Soft, gentle rain. It falls on the flowers and turns them into jewels. Fit for a king.

Quince Jelly!

There are Quince trees, planted all over the place in Hahndorf. They are old trees, and you have to "scrounge" to find them! I wonder who planted them, so long ago. All the fruit is all falling off, and I feel a little sorry for them, as the trees put in so much effort to produce them!

So I went and gathered a whole lot of them, and made my own Quince Jelly!

It's actually a tricky process, making this stuff. You have to cook it first, mash it, drain it in muslin for half a day, then start cooking the fluid all over again!
It was strange, as it stayed that yellowish hue for ages, and I was thinking, oh dear, I must have done something wrong. Lo and behold, as i gathered the "scum" from the top, the ruby colour emerged! And boy oh boy, is this yummy stuff. Will be cracking open a bottle of wine, some yummy cheese and my quince jelly this weekend. That's my payment for my hard work!


I have always, always adored Oak Trees. Their stature, their strength, their shade and most of all their acorns. With their little caps that sit quite nicely on the tip of your finger and become make believe elfie men! They have always been my favourite tree.
I guess it is entirely appropriate that my husband gave me a new surname of Oakey! 
It's how I knew he was the one!

Just adding the "flipped version of the image. I rather think it would make a lovely little nest for the birdies! If only it were real!

Berry Delicious!

Mmmmm. We love blackberries in our household. I think the thing I enjoy the most is the picking! Hanging out with the children, feeling like we have found treasure each time we spy a huge, ripe bunch. Prickles in our fingers, hair and hooking in our clothes! And the stains on your mouth and tongue, as you eat their sweet, seedy flesh. Yummo!

Noticing The Little Things

Noticing the little things.

Ones that you would pass by without ever seeing, would think of as weeds or, even worse, pointless, useless wild things. And as I have started my journey of putting up a photo a day on my facebook page, I can't help but notice my own personal change. How i don't see the big things, anymore. I am distracted and filled with the wonder of the little things, the small things, that through a lens, become beautiful and special. And the excitement and joy I get every time I find them.

Maybe I need to put that into practice with the people I meet. To see beyond what is in front of me, and look deeper, for the little things that makes up their beauty.

Secret Place...

Secret places, all hidden away, in the Adelaide Hills.
 Messy branches, silence and awe...

My Girlie Girl all Serious!

Can she be any more serious?

So, I had to make use of the look and do something a little bit different...
This photograph, with her eyes closed, just speaks volumes to me. It's so innocent, but as though she has been lost forever to the dreaming. Like the old Victorian photographs of children, loved and adored by their parents, but only captured when they have passed on.
Maybe it is wrong to portray my child in such a manner. Be assured, she is well and truly living out her dreams with full gusto!


My little muse...