Thursday, 26 July 2012

Back on track

My boy recently said, your always taking photos of other peoples children, how about me? And do you know what? He is absolutely right. I haven't had any beautiful photos of him in over 6 months. Life is getting hectic, and deep inside of me, there is this niggling feeling that I am not giving my children the time and special memories they deserve. I sit on the computer, doing what I love, yes, but in the same way, I get the guilts for not always listening to them until I have finished editing images, getting a bit careless and slap dash with their meals and the time I spend with them, while being obsessively perfectionistic with the photos. It's not really the best way to be, is it. While they are just so little, still, and need the time together to grow and learn. To blossom, with their mothers hand there to grab hold of, if they teeter on the edge.

This shoot was all about them. My beautiful sweet and entirely precious children.

In this day and age, with technology advancing in every single way, and so quickly too, it is just so easy to capture your children, or travels or just about anything on the video camera, or phone, and have a little snap shot of the moment. In a way, I love doing that, telling the story of an hour or two spent together, in the photographs I take. Here is our afternoons story, along the no longer used train track, in the adelaide hills.

My serious boy.

Well, maybe not so serious...

Looking through an old Anderson's fairy tales book... with all the grimm tales, un altered for children's ears...

Sweet cuddles for two great friends.

Can a kiss turn him into a handsome prince?

Maybe it's just her big brother, hidden beneath a wicked spell...

Anything you can do, I can do too...

Let's go home...

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Little Princess

Have to share these with you. I love this crown! And I LOVE ( can I express how much I love...) the facial expressions this gorgeous girl pulls too? xxx

Postcarding again! ( It's just a bit of a favourite thing to do at the moment! )

Just a beautiful girl!

Beautiful Boy.

I love children around this age. Maybe it is because my own little boy is the same age too, and I see this boy's gorgeous, quirky character starting to shine through. 
Growing up. Becoming  more than just a little boy. Changing into a soul who observes things, and takes note, is curious, vivacious, yet shy all at the same time. And, if he is anything like my own child, he still needs and loves that cuddle Mum and Dad pull him into. A beautiful, golden age for imagining, laughing and also developing a sense of self too. 

Little Miss M.

The expressions on this little girl's face are just priceless! I think the lens ( ok... and me too...) scared her a little bit, and she needed to have mummy very close by.
So very sweet, and gentle, shy and observant. A little treasure, hidden behind her precious mothers skirt.  It made me feel quite special when I finally saw her tentative smile and those eyes, now they tell a story, don't you think?

Look at those eyelashes! Absolutely gorgeous!

Blessed are the gentle, for they shall inherit the earth.

Friday, 13 July 2012

The Soft Haze Photoshop Actions

Hi there!!

This is an old post, which I have found that google sends people to every now and then to look at!  I created these a year ago, and, my goodness, how things have changed! Most certainly, my understanding of photoshop Actions has!  If you are one of the many who love a freebie, (which I know I do!), pop over to my facebook page, and all you need to do is like it, and I can send you a free actions set. If you are interested in seeing what it looks like, click on FREEBIES! OR find me here..


The OLD post!

This is a new set of  Photoshop Actions. It has been created because I have noticed a few of the fine art photographers/editors using haze to create a sense of surreal beauty.

So, here you are!

Antique Haze                                                                                                Pale Haze
 Vintage Haze                                                                                             Old Tale
Dandilion                                                                                                           Strawberry
 Green Haze                                                                                                        B/W Haze
  Blue Haze                                                                                                           Chocolate