Thursday, 20 March 2014


I have my very first wedding to photograph in july. Besides the nerves, I am really looking forward to it. You see, Caroline and Peter are photographers too. And they have made everything work with me in mind. They really want me to enjoy the day too. It is such a wonderful feeling, knowing they like and want the sort of photography that I do, and are willing to accomadate me as a beginner when it comes to weddings!
We had a little look at this beautiful place called manoah, near upper sturt in the Adelaide hills. While there, I managed to get in a few quick shots of them!

 Secrets? Maybe... maybe not!
 Through the stables...

Sweet little berries

Berries on the bushes and trees means a change of season. Today is colder, blustery. The trees are yet to change colour, but the berries which are changing to red are a sign that autumn is not that far away.
I love their sweetness. The way they brighten up the dull green and gold of the past summer.


Sweet little blue cornflowers, growing along the side of the road by the dozens!
I used to love them as a child.

 Pollen Junkie!