Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Make A Newborn Nest Photography Prop

I noticed on a Facebook forum/group which I am a part of, that some members were looking at buying a newborn photography prop that is like a little nest.
I have actually seen a few in photographs that people have taken and some are really sweet!
Instead of paying $100 for one, I am going to show you how to make one. The best thing about it is that it really is very easy to do, I made mine in less than an hour, and It can be totally free!

When it comes to photography fashion ( yes, it even happens in photo-world ) it can change in the blink of an eye and you will have spent a fortune on props that in a few years time, and with only a small amount of use, are no longer your or your clients prop of choice. Making your own is sensible, AND you can take pride in the fact that your images are entirely yours, right down to the details!

Right let's get started.

The first thing you will need is your branches. I used off cut vines from the local vineyard. They are long, very flexible and pretty interesting too. Most useful is the lack of pokey and thorny bits, you don't want any of those with little babies!

I would suggest that if you cannot access prunnings from vines, use willow branches. The look of the nest will be different, but no less useful and sweet.
Just make sure that you are creating your nest straight after you get your material, because the wood will loose it's flexibility quickly. If that happens, you may as well throw the branches out and start again.

Some scissors and something to tie the ends together at the start are also needed. I just used some wool I had lying around. You only need a little bit, so don't spend any money on something fancy!

Take a good, long piece of your vine and shape it into a circle. Tie the ends together.
The size of your nest will depend on the size of these initial circles. If this is being used as a newborn photography prop, make sure it's large enough to fit a baby!

Repeat this 3 times till you have a little stack of them. Try to make them a similar size.

Gather the three rounds together and take a new, long branch/vine and wrap it around the three circles. You can use your shorter branches further down the track.

You will need to go over and under the circles, weaving it tighter as you go. I did not tie anything together because I was using vines. You may need to do this if using willow. If you do need to, make sure it is tucked in and hidden, and most importantly, NOT sharp!

Tuck your ends between the other branches. As you build up the nest, the weaving and sticking ends in will become easier and easier. If using willow, you may find it a little quicker if you take four or five branches together and weave. ( just make sure you have removed the leaves first! ) A willow nest will have an entirely different feel and look to this vine one.

Keep building on the weave. 
It doesn't matter if some of the branches are not perfect. Real nests are like that too!

Keep working at it until you feel you are happy with the size.

Your all done!

Now, as an option, you may like to make a couple more and stack them, using wire to tie them together and make them safe. This way you could use them as a toddler nest as well, and the child could sit within, peeking out. It's up to you!

You can also vary the look by how loose or tight you weave. It really is entirely up to your own personal taste and the material you are using.

As I don't take on much work as a newborn photographer, I can only show you the nests with a pillow and blanket in the middle. One day I will update this and add a real baby in my nest!

Have fun! Don't get scared that you can't make one! 
Give it a go and feel proud of yourself for creating it! 

Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Silver Crown

We made a crown. A silver one. With sparkles and butterflies and pretty diamonds too. It was like a princess crown, only better. Because it was made together, with love. Something to celebrate the start of spring. At long last. A change of seasons and a fresh, gorgeous day.

In the end, craziness will always will out. No matter how princess like you are.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Spring Lambs!

Our sweet neighbouring girls have adopted two little Lambs. They were abandoned by their mothers and need a bottle feed every six hours! That means getting up at 5am to give them a snack! Either way, they are incredibly cute little bundles of wool!