Friday, 18 July 2014

Flower patchwork.

So that you can see the process that goes on when I create a patchwork image.

I started with a sweet little flower photo, that I took last summer.
I was a bit bored today, and needed something to create!

So I flipped it, a number of different ways, sometimes cropping the image until I got quite a few choices of images to choose from.

Tiled a bit...

And a bit more...

Till it turned out like this!
Most of the delicate detail is lost. I think if it was printed huge, wall size, the detail 
would still be visible.

                                                         Found some gorgeous fae, too!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Seat of The Soul

I always imagine the spirit as a part that does not really belong to our bodies. 
It is so much more than that.

Sometimes it rises, sometimes it falls. 
Yet in all cases, it transcends all those simple, earthly things. 
It is a matter of wonder and ethereal beauty.

At the seat of the Soul.


Sometimes a spinning world is a good thing.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Lady bug

Today we went to the forest with our children.There was plenty to photograph, but mostly what got me excited, were the Ladybird beetles! Yellow ones! They kept flying off, and our daughter got antsy with me trying to get a decent photo... ( she is the impatient one in the family... wonder where she got that from??? ) So we went for our walk, and on the way back, I told the kids that if they found one and let me photograph it, I would give them a prize. ( Usually it's chocolate! ) Some time past looking for one, when Gisele came up to me and exclaimed, "mummy, you have one in your hair!" It must have come for our entire walk with us! Oh So Sweet! I felt very lucky!

Here she/he is!

Wedding Banners

Typically of me, I have gone and made some banners for an up coming wedding I am shooting soon!
Thought you might find them useful too.

There are Upper and Lower case letters, Numbers and a folder with Mr and Mrs signs too.

You could very easily use these for any party or function. Just print out the letters you need at your local photo Lab.

I used my chalkboard texture for this. All you need to do is print them at the size indicated in the file info, and cut them out.

Have fun!

Get them Here.

Have fun creating! x

Stand Quietly

Stand quietly.
Stop moving and just breathe.
Only then can you hear the beauty of life speak.


Some days, you just have to create your own bit of sunshine.


Cant help playing about with photos! Took a photo that was pretty ordinary. 
Of agapanthus flowers, and flipped it... alot!
Enough to make an 1960's Patchwork! 

Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Happiness is not something you get in life.
It is something you bring to it.

Fae Queen

Can the queen, more beautiful be,
with hair all golden
upon her brow,
With eyes that tell a thousand dreams,
and on her head
a glistening crown.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Gorgeous girl.

I had planned weeks ago to catch up with this gorgeous lady, and try out a few different ideas. BUT the weather has played havoc with my plans, and after two cancelled dates, we simply had to conceed we might have to wait for a few weeks before I could possibly try something again!
Between hail, wind and rain, we got 10 min to dash outside, get some shots, and dash back in again! LOL!

Foggy Morning in Hahndorf.

Even on a day when the clouds are low. The crisp air is making smoke of my breath, and I have frozen toes, I have to stop and wonder at the beauty of where I live. Its views, vistas and it's gorgeous foggy mornings.