Thursday, 29 January 2015

Nearly 5

My little girl is nearly 5 years old! I can't believe how quickly that time has flown!

I made myself a little task. Every year my children have a birthday, I take them out for a little photo shoot, and make sweet memories of them at this age!

Here she is!


I love this couple. Not only do the look good, but they ARE good people! Their a family, you see, that includes their gorgeous doggie babe!

They asked me to take a few engagement photos for them, and I am so glad that they chose me to do the job! They make every single shot I took look amazing!  And we only had a short amount of time, so I loved this shoot!

Here are a few!

The Evening Is Come.

The evening is come. Come to take me home. It is not a place I go. Rather, it is the place I find within. A place to find peace, reflection and soulful joy. To allow myself the quiet that is often lost while the world is too busy to notice. It is the freedom of being on ones own. This place I long for most of all.

To rest your head upon the sweet grass. To look upon the boughs and leaves, as they shimmer in the 
delicate sunlight. 
To think, some spend a lifetime searching for heaven, when all that is needed is to lie down and look up.

To Wonder.

As the world passes by and we get older, I find the youthfulness and sweet innocence of a child more and more precious and heart inspiring.

I love how these images turned out!

Sweet heart

We spent the weekend, recently, at the river. It is with a group of old, old friends, that I only see once every 4 or 5 months. This is one of the little girls that my daughter plays with. 

She is such a serious, gentle little soul.

Spring Garden!

I love my garden in the spring. Everything is green, the wind has not blown all my flowers to bits and the colours are vibrant. 

And the scent! Oh it is heavenly!

Winter Wedding Part 2

Part 2 of my Winter Wedding Post!

The Ceremony.

Fun times, at last!

Wishing you both a wonderful, beautiful and fun journey through life, together!

A Winter Wedding Part 1

It was a gorgeous day. Cold, but there was no rain, no wind and happy faces, excited hearts and beautiful people!

A winter wedding. PART 1

Getting ready!

Firstly, The boys!

Then the Girls!